About Me

Toni Kerr is a DIY full time artist whether she wants to be or not. She writes young adult novels, takes on
occasional illustration and design projects, and restores historic murals when such times arise.

She enjoys building tree houses, not-so-fancy chicken coops, and tends to forget how much maintenance is required for certain types of landscape designs.

She lives with her husband, two dangerously creative children, an Australian Shepherd, and several small farm animals the city would probably frown upon.

Summers are spent in the high-desert Oregon outback, just beyond cyberspace, where she and her kids love rock hounding, horse back riding, fishing without hooks, hiking, and camping by 4-wheelers.

Odd Information:

She used to airbrush murals as photographic backgrounds, and has covered up countless zits and wrinkles on photographic paper/canvas and film as a self-taught negative retoucher. And then the professional photographers' market went digital.

She has recently taken an interest in knitting, and blames her fabulous sisters for any and all frustrations this hobby might inflict upon her sense of well-being.

Her debut YA novel, DESCENDANT (book 1 in the the Makai series), was published in December of 2013. Book 2, UNLEASHED published in June of 2014, and book 3, DRAGONFIRE released in July of 2015.

Being a serious writer has led her into the realms of cover design, interior formatting, and in-depth editing.

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