Saturday, July 25, 2015

Book Swag Ideas

Maybe you DON'T want your cover on ALL your swag items...

Here's an awesome idea from author, Barbara Lieberman-- Items that have quotes and messages from your novel instead of the cover!

What a fun way to give potential readers a taste of what they might find inside. I love it!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Orion's Circle, by Victoria Sue

According to legend, when humankind is at its most desperate, the goddess Sirius will send three of the most powerful werewolf shifters ever created to save mankind. However, because they are so powerful, they will need a fourth to complete them, to calm them and help them reach their full potential. 

Aden, a young were, has been his pack's omega ever since, at the age of fifteen, he didn't shift like everyone else. Caught, reviled, and tortured because of his empathic abilities, he knew on the night he was told to run as sport for the pack hunters that it would end in his death. What he didn't know, however, was that on the same night he'd also meet the love of his life and a pathway to answers, because Aden is far more than just a pack omega. 

What begins as a hunt soon becomes a new adventure as Aden discovers that he has not only one, but three destined mates, and his role as lover is far more than trivial. The fate of all humankind rests upon it.

Find Orion's Circle (Sirius Wolves Book 1) on AMAZON!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

DRAGONFIRE, by Toni Kerr

HAPPY RELEASE DAY for Book 3 in the Secrets of the Makai Series--
Tristan is caught in a losing battle between the Slayers’ poison and the call of hibernation, while fighting to co-exist with increasing amounts of power that threatens to destroy everything. Jacques and Molajah remain elusive and Tristan must plan his own course of action while he still can.

An uprising in the realm of dragon spirits suspends any sense of leadership within the council and forces the ghostly ancestors to make a choice. They can join the rebellion in support of Tristan freeing the Faerie races, or support the council in their desire to keep a centuries-old contract from falling apart, assuring them time to oversee the world’s progression through an age of destructive humans, in hopes of releasing the races to a safer, less toxic era.

The stakes are high for either choice and Tristan must decide for himself, which of the races will be sacrificed for the greater good.

DRAGONFIRE, book 3 in this urban fantasy series, is available now on Amazon!

If you haven't read book 1 in the series, Descendant is currently FREE from July 7th to July 11th on Amazon. Spread the word! 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Forlorned, by Angela Townsend

Soon To Be A Motion Picture 

When Tom Doherty first laid eyes on the lighthouse he knew it was damned. 
An advertisement lured him to the island, offering a job renovating the old lighthouse and ramshackle buildings. What he didn't know was that he was the only applicant. None of the locals wanted the job – no one dared. 
Isolated and alone, Tom soon discovers why. Messages from disembodied voices; ghostly visitations and escalating horrors draw Tom deeper into the island's evil past—a darkness that forces Tom to unbury the truth and bring demons of his own into the light.

The Forlorned will be officially released on July 21, 2015,
but is currently available for pre-order. 

Angela will also be hosting several book signings at:

The Bookshelf
101 Main St, Kalispell, MT 59901
(406) 756-2665

Call for dates if you're interested!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Kharishma, by Jenny Nay

Indistinct voices, strange visitations and unusual dreams have begun to plague Nineteen-year-old Khari days before her return from London to her Oregon home. As the occurrences have spawned haunting emotions she thought she had escaped, she realizes she can’t ignore them any longer and begins to surrender to their pull.

Feeling weary and a bit crazy, Khari struggles to cope with what is happening to her. She is forced to open up about herself, only to find out secrets were kept from her by those she trusts the most. She then begins a problematic journey toward self-discovery and uncovers more than she ever imagined possible. But, continuing toward understanding requires Khari to face a dangerous figure, risk of death and a fight for love.

Kharishma explores the importance of family ties, both past and present, the consequences of love and hate, and the power of believing in ones self. It is a story of deception, humility, discovery and the strength of bonds to the seen and unseen. It is a story that will not be easily forgotten.

Find KHARISHMA on Amazon!