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How long does this take? Depending on the number of items you want and my current workload, items could take anywhere from overnight to 2 weeks. Shipping from the west coast to the east coast rarely takes more than 5 days.

Do you ship to other countries? I have, but contact me for a price quote. Shipping to other countries can be very costly.

What are my payment options? Most orders are very customized. Once I know what you want, I can send you an invoice via email and you can use Paypal, or, I can post a customized order on my ETSY site if you want to use a credit card.

I own a book store and want to sell keychains or necklaces featuring books written by our local authors. Can you do that?  No. Not unless you have permission from the author and/or publisher. Authors have serious clauses in their contracts regarding the sale of merchandise, so you really do need permission to make and sell products connected to copyrighted material. If you DO have permission, I'm all for it!

My wife just had her first book published. Can I have a book charm made for her even if I don't have access to the files and don't technically have "permission"?  Yes. The real file is ideal for me to get the highest quality, but I can usually find enough information to make my own files, either from Goodreads or Amazon or an author's blog or book tour. I think it's a super sweet idea and any author would LOVE it. Just make sure to tell me if it's a secret, so I don't spill on social media channels.

My daughter LOVES the House of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast. Can you make a bracelet with all the books on it for her birthday? Only if you have the author's permission.

My book is an e-book. What's the back cover going to look like on a charm?  If you don't have a FULL cover, it's pretty easy for me to make one up. I'll try to match the colors and style from the front, and I can usually find the blurb on Amazon or Goodreads (or you can give me a blurb to use). The spine is usually something simple like Title and Author's Name. And please be aware that the back cover I make will not be designed for a full-sized book. My goal is to make the blurb font as large as possible to be legible in a miniature format. Also, I will send you a file to approve before I print anything.

I want to make mouse pads and coffee mugs, can you do that? Vistaprint really does do a fine job in quality, speed, and pricing for that kind of thing. So...no. However, I'm absolutely willing to make any set of graphic files to fit their specifications. Just tell me what you need and I'll get it done.

I have the final artwork for my cover now, but it's not public yet. Can you keep it a secret? Absolutely! I'll even help you reveal it if you have a certain day planned for the big event-- with links to Amazon, Goodreads, or your personal website... or all three!

I want a bookcharm made for a contest, but I'm running out of time! How can I make this happen? No problem! I photograph everything I make-- I can send a photo for you to use in the contest, and send the finished charm directly to your winner. Everything I send has a tracking number, so you can confirm delivery.

This is my son's book, and I'm ordering a charm for his birthday. Can you send it to his address instead of mine? Of course! I'll even gift-wrap it and print a personalized note addressed from you if you ask me nicely. :-)

What do you need from me? I need your cover art file-- highest res possible for best quality. If you don't have access to the cover art, I can use an image from Amazon and go from there (not the best quality, but it's doable). If I'm making you a set of booklets, I need your cover art, your first 1000 words, and contact information if you want those things included in the booklet (as a final "Thanks for reading this sample of ____, If you want to find out more, (fill in the blank).

If you have questions regarding any items, shipping, higher volume orders, or you have ideas you want to play around with, please email me at tkartistry (at) gmail (dot) com

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