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MiniBook Charms

This is by far the most popular item I have for authors. These miniature books feature YOUR front/back cover. (Please don't ask if I'd be willing to print the Lightning Thief series for you--unless you're Rick Riordan. There are serious copyright laws and contracts for that sort of thing).

If your book is strictly in a digital format, I'm happy to make a simple back cover/spine for this purpose. 

Minibook charms are a high-class giveaway item, blog or launch party prize, or given as thank-yous to the key people who helped your book along the way. For book signings, necklaces, bag tags, or for the simple pleasure of displaying your book wherever you go in the form of jewelry. We're all creative people! What would you do with a miniature charm replica of your book? 

The books are hand crafted, one by one, with acid-free paper and sealed with acrylic. Though they are extremely durable, they're still made of paper. In other words, dashing through the rain would be fine, a soak in the tub would not.  

1-3 charms $10 each
4-6 charms $8 each
7-9 charms $7 each
10-20 charms $6 each
21-24 charms $5 each
25+ $4 each


Books in a Bottle

These adorable keepsakes are just too cute! Give them away as prizes, swag, or keep them on a trophy shelf near your writing work space. Because all your hard work DOES pay off in the end, and it's nice to have little reminders when your motivation takes a hike.
  2 for $ 5.00  ($2.50 each)
10 for $20.00 ($2.00 each)
25 for $40.00 ($1.60 each)
50 for $70.00 ($1.40 each)

People don't always notice what sort of earrings a person wears, especially if those earrings are the practical sort with the sole purpose of keeping those holes from closing up!

But sometimes, something unique and spectacular is called for. What's not to notice about earrings designed with YOUR book cover?

The size is scaled down from the standard book charm, but it still features front, spine, and back cover of your book.   $20.00


 Simple Charm

This gem is the solution for authors who love the idea of book jewelry and charms, but don't want to invest in something as extravagant as the mini-book charms for giveaways. 

$1.50 each, 10 minimum.  


Miniature Booklets

Want a swag item with maximum impact for potential readers? This miniature booklet is a hot item for conventions, conferences, and that perfect stranger you just started talking to in the checkout line, who seems sincerely interested in your novel!

Each booklet is custom designed and handcrafted to resemble YOUR novel. It features the front/back/spine for a full color cover, and approximately 1000 words to offer potential readers a taste of your book.

If your novel is in a digital format, and you don't have a FULL cover (back/spine). I'll design something simple for you (for this purpose) included with the typesetting.

Because I want to keep the unit prices low on this item, there will be a one-time typesetting fee of $15. Your digital file will be kept for future use.
16 booklets $36 ($2.25 each)
32 booklets $64 ($2.00 each)
48 booklets $84 ($1.75 each)
64 booklets $96 ($1.50 each)
80 booklets $120 ($1.50 each)
100 booklets for $125 ($1.25 each)


MiniBook Charm with 'Bling'

"Oh, wow! What is that? I've never seen anything like it!" says an acquaintance at the grocery store.
"Oh..." you respond, boasting like any proud parent. "It's just a book I wrote last year. The reviews have been really motivating and the sequel should be out in a few months..." <this is where you'd better have something on hand to give them as reminder to check it out!>

What's the bling? Bling could be a necklace, an extra theme charm added to the book charm, a keyring or lanyard... Just be aware that there's not always a perfect charm to match the theme of a book.

If your novel is a digital format only, I'm happy to design a simple back cover and spine for this purpose.


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