Friday, July 3, 2015

Kharishma, by Jenny Nay

Indistinct voices, strange visitations and unusual dreams have begun to plague Nineteen-year-old Khari days before her return from London to her Oregon home. As the occurrences have spawned haunting emotions she thought she had escaped, she realizes she can’t ignore them any longer and begins to surrender to their pull.

Feeling weary and a bit crazy, Khari struggles to cope with what is happening to her. She is forced to open up about herself, only to find out secrets were kept from her by those she trusts the most. She then begins a problematic journey toward self-discovery and uncovers more than she ever imagined possible. But, continuing toward understanding requires Khari to face a dangerous figure, risk of death and a fight for love.

Kharishma explores the importance of family ties, both past and present, the consequences of love and hate, and the power of believing in ones self. It is a story of deception, humility, discovery and the strength of bonds to the seen and unseen. It is a story that will not be easily forgotten.

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