Monday, June 22, 2015

Pegasus--A Dragon Tale, by Gina LoBiondo

Pegasus: A Dragon's Tale, written by Gina LoBiondo and illustrated by Stephanie Zuppo, is a beautiful and imaginative story for children.

For hundreds of years tales of dragons have been told and cherished. What child hasn't wished to have his or her own dragon or to fight the great fire-breathers? Pegasus – A Dragon’s Tale is the delightful, heartwarming story of two young bear cubs and the dragon they find that changes their lives forever.

Prince Dayshawn and Princess Kameela are two bear cubs and one day they find an egg which they take home to hatch. A dragon is hatched and he is named Pegasus. Pegasus lives with the bear cubs; however he is released to the wild once he becomes too large. Years later when the Prince and Princess are grown, they are kidnapped and held captive until they are rescued by Pegasus, who then becomes a special part of the family and kingdom. -- Readers Favorite

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  1. This little book has won 8 prestigious awards since publication and the eBook is now $.99! Hope you enjoy it! =D