Monday, May 18, 2015

A Shot at Happy, by Chris Guiton

28-year-old Drew Kelly knows exactly how to be happy. No work, no bills and no responsibilities.

And definitely no relationships.

Rather than dealing with life’s daily struggles, Drew only does what he wants, when he wants. Like volunteering at the local soup kitchen, reading for hours, and playing basketball every morning with his buddies at the sports club.

Life is good.

Or so he thinks.

When Drew meets the charming but conventional Natalie, their instantaneous connection turns his world upside down. While Drew can’t resist Natalie’s positive vibe, Natalie is inspired by Drew’s spontaneity and is liberated with every unpredictable moment spent with him. Together, they explore a depth of happiness they never thought possible….but are they willing to give up life as they know it just to make it work?

A Shot at Happy is a quirky, lighthearted love story that will not only make you laugh, but it will also make you rethink your life’s priorities, appreciate the value of your relationships, and reconsider what truly makes you happy.

But mostly, it will make you ask yourself: In the quest for happiness, should you follow your head or your heart?

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