Friday, May 1, 2015

The Great METRIA, by R.L. Fogg

(The Damascus Chronicles Book 1)
Everything you have been told, doesn't matter. Everything has its own interpretation. Man is fallible and weak. Leaving him open to the control of Maenad and his father, Samil.
METRIA is hidden in the bowels of South America. This majestic city holds warriors trained to battle the ultimate evils of the last days.

Damascus Albinus, a infant left on the doorsteps of the Palace of Holy Offices which resides outside Vatican Square. This child grows to a man and becomes the key-holder to the destruction of the world. Soon, everything goes cattywampus. Everything becomes chaotic. The rapture is for the innocent, sin free.

The father of all evil has his own rapture for his sorry, pathetic, crime ridden souls that inhabit the earth. This leave's only the good people. Small in population from the north to the south, east and west. The last test is for them. Will they be able to withstand the evil that surrounds them and wants their sacred souls?

Can the warriors win the battle against the evilest of dictators, Damascus Albinus?
Everything isn't what it seems. The answers to their pleads are everywhere, but do they see them?

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