Friday, April 17, 2015

Dark Days of Promise, by Shaunna Gonzales

Even death holds Dark Days of Promise...

Newly widowed Vicki Laramie is struggling to make ends meet. While her three children grapple with the death of their father, she must find a way to support her family and find a role model for her boys.

When her best friend's, brawny son, Kelly Chase, returns from the sand box of war it doesn't take long for Vicki's children to encompass him with their affections. But Kelly has secrets that could harm those who love him most.

When tender empathy meets deadly reflexes, the attraction explodes into lethal violence between opposing forces. Vicki must choose who she will trust, with her strongest ally absent; she has no one to lean on but herself. If she chooses poorly her children will be deprived of both parents.

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