Monday, April 20, 2015

Mini Booklets -- Author Swag

These mini booklets are the perfect way to get potential readers interested in your novel, without you sending them somewhere else to do it. Give them a beautiful booklet they won't want to throw away, and let your opening pages do the selling for you!

These mini booklets feature YOUR cover. The inside pages are comprised of up to your first 1250 words, with a final page to thank a reader for reading the sample and inviting them to read the rest, and to follow your platforms to stay in touch... (or whatever you want it to say).

Great for book signings (have you written other books a potential reader might like a sample of?), conventions/expos/book fairs full of browsing buyers, and for anyone who might want a better taste of your novel.

There is a one-time typesetting cost of $10, but the files will be kept on hand for future reorders.

Things I need from you:
-Your first 1250 words in a doc or docx or rtf format. The amount of words in the booklet might vary on whether or not it's all dialogue or long paragraphs.

-Full cover art files-- highest resolution possible. (I'm happy to create a back cover/spine if you don't have one)

-A picture of your signature if you want it included on the thank-you page. If not, I can leave it off or pick a handwriting font for your name.

-Tell me if there are graphics being used for scene breaks in that first 1250 words and I'll squeeze them in where needed.

-I'll let you know where the text cuts off-- in case you want to make changes to what the final words are.

-Expect a few back and forth emails to approve everything.

-Once we go through this typesetting process, I'll keep your files on hand and you can reorder as often as needed. I'm happy to make adjustments to the original file if any information changes at no charge. (such as, if the the cover is updated, or if you start a website at a later time and want it included on that final page, or if a crazy typo snuck in while no one was looking.) :-)

-Turn-around time might depend on how quickly we can communicate with files and questions. Expect 1-3 days for production, possibly a few more if my workload is heavy. (shipping from the west to east coast rarely takes more than 5 postal days.)

Any questions? Please ask in the comments, or contact me by email: tkartistry (at) gmail (dot) com

Below is the rundown of volume orders, at the reorder price. (The original typesetting is a one-time $10 charge)

16 booklets $36 ($2.25 each)
32 booklets $64 ($2.00 each)
48 booklets $84 ($1.75 each)
64 booklets $96 ($1.50 each)
80 booklets $120 ($1.50 each)
100 booklets for $125 ($1.25 each)


  1. These are adorable! I wish I had the money for some.

    1. As do I! They cost as much as one of my books at cost for me. I'm self published, lol. No one is handing me copies to sell.

    2. I actually make them for $.50 each