Thursday, April 16, 2015

Meeting Freedom, by Cynthia Belmer

How I Let Go of Who I Thought I Should Be and Revealed My Authentic, Unstoppable Self

Finding one’s true self is a journey we all must take . . . 

Seeking to untangle herself from a society based on appearances and perfectionism, a young Lebanese woman made a hard choice to turn her back on all she knows to move to the United States where she could explore the deeper meaning of life, freely express herself, and find her authentic voice. 

In Meeting Freedom, you will journey alongside Cynthia as she faces her hardships head-on, including defining herself through the eyes of society, feeling stuck in her past experiences (financial crisis, loss, shame, and guilt), and looking for love outside of herself in her romantic relationships. With Cynthia as your guide, you'll discover how we all have the same fears, needs, and feelings regardless of our backgrounds. 

The author beautifully uses her engaging life transformations to offer you inspirational coaching questions to help you reflect on your own life story and begin to fall in love with your past, to let go of what others think of you, and to reveal your true self in every aspect of your life.

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