Sunday, April 19, 2015

Key West D.O.A. by Mike Pettit and Casey Ward

COVER-TO-COVER HARD HITTING GRITTY ACTION. D.O.A. Is Pettit’s most ambitious work in his Key West Action Thriller Series. 

Jack Marsh takes on a salvage job to recover one of Egypt’s most treasured antiquities, the sarcophagus of the last pharaoh. Egypt is on the verge of collapse after the Muslim Brotherhood squandered the country’s treasury leaving it financially broke with tribal loyalties tearing the country apart. The government arranges for the sarcophagus to be auctioned off by Rothschild’s, a prestigious auction house in New York City. The secret shipment of the sarcophagus is discovered by Egypt’s enemies who want the antiquity for their own gain. Soon the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, the Mossad, CIA, and various loners are on the hunt. 

The Freighter with the sarcophagus aboard is lost in a hurricane off the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea. Rothschild’s send their best recover agent, Briar Malone, to find the treasure and deliver it to the auction house safely and intact. Agent Malone hires Jack Marsh to help in the recovery, and the treachery begins. The betrayals, the duplicity, the double-cross, the lies, all unravel as the Island Queen plows her way south. Jack Marsh and Briar Malone take on assassins, terrorists, secret agencies, loners and opportunists. Some live, some die, but no one gets away unscathed. The finale is a heart-pounding, breath-holding, shocker. 

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